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Raqs Media Collective + Tom Fischer (left)
photo: Tara Fallaux
Each year, the Walker Art Center creates numerous events, activities, classes, and workshops to help people of all ages engage with the visual, performing, and media arts of our time. This season, opportunities for audiences and visitors range from lectures and gallery tours that represent the multidisciplinary nature of the exhibition How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age to artist residencies that illuminate the creative process.

Throughout the run of the Latitudes exhibition, artists from around the world will be visiting the Twin Cities to develop new work, teach master classes, and offer talks on their creative processes. Walker artists-in-residence include Robin Rhode (South Africa), who is working with young people from the Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council to create a series of innovative public art installations.

On February 24, a teacher workshop highlights works in a tour of the Latitudes exhibition that serves as a touchstone for addressing ways today's changing world is reflected in its art--and ways that art can provide a context for lively discussions in the classroom.

The movement of people across borders and cultures is creating special challenges for educators. Addressing issues related to this topic, the Walker hosts the conference Connecting Stories: Globalism and Interdisciplinary Education on April 25 and 26. Educators and teaching artists will explore some of the stories behind the changing demographics in Minnesota schools and examine ways the arts can increase understanding and communications across cultures.

Atelier Bow-Wow + Raqs Media Collective
Lecture:  2003-02-03
University of Minnesota, College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Auditorium, 89 Church St. SE, Minneapolis  
Artists in Action
African Influence on Contemporary Performing Arts and Performance Art
Panel Discussion:  2003-02-06
Walker Auditorium  
Global Curating in the 21st Century
Panel Discussion:  2003-02-09
Walker Auditorium  
Tariq Ali
War and Empire
Lecture:  2003-02-25
Walker Auditorium  
Better Looking: Performative Elements in Visual Art
Curator-led Tour:  2003-03-06

FreeWare: Andreja Kuluncic
Lecture:  2003-03-13
Walker Lecture Room  
Salah Hassan
Contemporary Art Practices
Lecture:  2003-04-01
Walker Auditorium  
Better Looking: Artists' Practice
Curator-led Tour:  2003-04-03

Free Verse: Bei Dao and Eliot Weinberger
Reading:  2003-04-03
Walker Auditorium  
Siva Vaidhyanathan
The Anarchist in the Library
Lecture:  2003-04-08
Walker Auditorium  
Carol Becker
On a Journey to My Lai: Social Memory and the Making of Art
Lecture:  2003-04-15
Walker Auditorium  
Neil Smith
The Virtues and Pitfalls of Globalization
Debate:  2003-04-22
Walker Auditorium  
Connecting Stories: Globalism and Interdisciplinary Education
A Symposium for Educators and Artists:  2003-04-25
Walker Art Center  
Keith Kahn, Ali Zaidi, and Danny Yung
Artist Talk:  2003-04-27
Walker Auditorium  
Better Looking: Modest Materials
Curator-led Tour:  2003-05-01