Walker Art Center
The Local Tango and the Global Dance

are the neo-exotic, hyper-urban, nontoxic proposals. Something went amiss between the Cities on the Move project and a structure such as the Palais de Tokyo.[9] This "new authenticity" might be a trap, and it just might be translated as the return of the exotic through a hyper-urban outing.

I assume that the position of artists in Turkey or Russia--in the region I am speaking from--is somewhat different. For one thing, these places were never subjected to colonialization from the outside, so there is no ongoing relationship of seduction. Rather, one can examine the context of a Muslim urban culture where mental constructs such as inside and outside simply mean different things. But, this is another discussion altogether.

So dear Cuauhtémoc, hope to see you again soon, somewhere. Vasif

9 The Palais de Tokyo, Site de création contemporain is Paris' newest contemporary art center.